Monday, August 18, 2014

Exciting News - New Blog Name!!!!

I am beyond excited to announce that the name of my blog will be changing.  As you know, I started the blog with the name, A Cup, A Cup.  It was named after a line in one of my favorite movies, Steel Magnolias.  After eighteen months, I am tired of explaining that to people. :)  Also, it has caused some awkward moments when people mention the blog to me but aren't sure how many times to say, "A Cup, A Cup."  For example, one woman was paying me a really sweet compliment but called the blog, " A Cup, A Cup, A Cup, A....."  I felt like I needed to jump in a rescue her.  :) After many months of consideration and driving my close friends and family crazy, I have decided on the new name.  The blog will be called, "Right Where We Are".  The content will still be the same; a little bit of everything (homeschooling, faith/inspiration, girl talk, mommy stories, etc.).  Basically, it is my description of our current life.  We love it, wouldn't change it, but we are definitely in the thick of it! If you check the blog often, you may start noticing a few changes over the next couple of days.  Once it is finished I will send out a link so everyone can take a look (kind of like a Grand Opening). :) I hope you will continue to follow the blog.  It means so much to me when someone takes the time to read it.  I know how busy everyone is and I love that you are allowing me to be part of your day. Hopefully, in the next few weeks or months we will also be seeing a Facebook and Instagram page for "Right Where We Are". I will keep you posted!!!

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