Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Putting in a Pool - Part Uno

Okie dokie, we are officially getting a pool.  When I say officially, I mean this is how we started our Wednesday morning.

As soon as we finished breakfast two dump trucks and a backhoe arrived on our street.  I am so sorry my sweet neighbors.  I promise to make you cinnamon rolls for Christmas this year. :)

The kids and I made a deal regarding their homeschool lessons.  They could get up and check on the progress of the pool often as long as their work was getting done.  Immediately they jumped up from the kitchen table and ran to each window of the house, comparing which windows had the best view.  They agreed on one of their bedrooms and took their positions.

They were beyond excited!

This poor bookshelf.  I wasn't sure if it was going to make it through the day but I didn't dare tell them to get down.  Their excitement was definitely contagious. (Notice our prom picture.  My son said he wanted a picture of when his parents fell in love. :) )

This is the view from my son's bedroom window.  The backhoe was so close if felt like we could have reached out the window and touched it.

From our backdoor window.  So close!!!

I must say, it is an odd feeling having that much equipment in your backyard.

We made it through our school day.  The kids did an amazing job of staying focused on their work.  The crew is now going on hour eight of digging and aren't showing any signs of stopping.  I think they will be able to finish the hole today.  The next step is re bar. 

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