Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Tooth Fairy Tutoring

I don't know what it is about the tooth fairy but this is one area my husband and I cannot seem to get right.  This is how a typical tooth fairy episode goes in our home. The innocent child is beyond excited that they have lost a tooth.  They place it under their pillow with hopes and dreams of the tooth fairy paying them a visit. Hours go by, filled with sleep and dreams. Then when the sun rises, the same innocent child looks eagerly looks under his/her pillow to find... NOTHING!!! We are awful parents!  We look at a each other in a moment of panic.  Then we run around frantically trying to come up with some little white lie to cover our lazy mistake. "Oh, here it is, she left your money by the front door." "That tooth fairy, she must be so busy delivering teeth that she is using the drive by method." (we use that when we put the money on the doorstep) "Honey, she left the tooth by your bed because she thought you would rather keep it." "Her bag is just so heavy with teeth, she thought you wouldn't mind keeping yours." The list of excuses goes on and on.  So far, our children have believed our "stories" but one of these days we are going to be caught.  And there is nothing worse than being caught by your children.  Oh,
the guilt, the shame, the endless questions. A few weeks ago, our youngest son finally lost his first tooth.  The whole family was so excited for him.  I thought for sure we would not mess this one up.  We went through the whole process of
putting the tooth in the special tooth pillow and then under his pillow.  The next morning, I remember (thankfully before our son woke up) that we had forgotten to switch out the tooth for money.  Close call no doubt!  My husband and I scrambled for a dollar bill (yes, we are cheap).  Neither of us had any cash on hand so we dumped out our quarter bucket.  I quickly grabbed four quarters.  When he woke up he was thrilled, I looked at my husband with that "we are perfect parents" look.  From there, we went about our morning until our oldest son yelled from upstairs... "He got more money than I ever did!!!" What?!  How could that be??? We ran upstairs to look at the coins, we thought for sure he was mistaken.  Nope, apparently in my frantic state I had accidentally grabbed a Susan B. Anthony coin instead of a quarter.  Ugh!!!!  The pressure, this momma can't take it! Last night our oldest son lost a tooth and well, it went how it typically does.... we forgot...AGAIN!  This is just plain sad, pitiful, no excuses.  We were able to convince him that he had missed it in his bed while I slipped it under his pillow (on the sly).  Ugh.... Seriously, we need Tooth Fairy tutoring.  Does anyone know where we can get that? I will Google it. The bright side is at least we have three children.  Our youngest is still a year or two away from losing teeth.  They always say by the third kid you finally get things right.  I just always feel for those first couple of children... So, you can feel good about yourself now.  I am sure you have mastered this better than we have. :)

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