Wednesday, May 1, 2013

30 Days until Vacation...Swimsuit...YUCK!

Every two years, my cousins and their families meet us in Gulf Shores, Alabama.  We literally talk, plan, dream, and fret (about swimsuits) for two years.  Well, we are 30 days out and I am trying to have a good attitude about the swimsuit issue.  This is something that stresses me out and causes moods swings, anxiety, etc. every year.  It also drives my husband nuts, he seems to be blind to my imperfections.:)  We have actually argued over the critical view I have of myself.  Of course, the years in between vacations I seem to be ten pounds lighter and more toned.  Why does it happen that way?! My husband and I have been working out a lot!  However, I really can't seem to find the motivation to change the way I eat.  I love is my hobby!  I love cookbooks.  I love trying new recipes.  I bake sweets when I am stressed and when I am not!  I love the Food Network and food blogs.  I have even started blogging about food and taking pictures of it.  Like I said, it is my hobby.  So, I am not surprised that the Insanity workouts are not giving me the same results as it said it would. After a horrible swimsuit shopping experience with my mom, I decided I have got to change my attitude.  Don't get me wrong, I love spending time with her and we had a lot of laughs in the dressing room but I still went home feeling defeated.  I finished off that afternoon with spoonfuls of peanut butter topped with chocolate chips! Well, I have given myself a kick in the bikini bottom (I mean swim dress)!  I have got to have a better attitude or I am going to be miserable on our vacation.  The way I look at it, I don't look bad for having three children.  Are my legs free of cellulite?  No.  Do I have a six pack?  Uh, no - didn't you just read the sentence that I have had three children!  But overall, it is not horrible.  It is not like I am strutting my tankini for everyone to admire.  I am just hoping everything stays tucked in and covered.  AND, when you are chasing after three kids those awkward positions will be caught in a photograph - guaranteed.  So, I might as well just enjoy myself.  Ten years from now I will wish I looked like I do now. Most importantly, my husband thinks I am the most beautiful woman on the planet and I will be surrounded by people who love me. Bring it on tankini! Elizabeth

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  1. This was a good reminder for me. I can always find something to be unhappy about. I've lost 55 pounds since you saw me last, but everything is SO saggy! Not pretty. I'll make a deal with you: I'll do my best not to worry about how I look and just enjoy our time together if you do the same. Thanks for being the first to change your attitude!

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