Thursday, May 9, 2013

Summer Activities: Water

I thought I would take the next couple of days to highlight some of my favorite summer activities.  If your kids are anything like mine, the key to a great summer is keeping them busy!  My husband and I have learned the hard way.  When three children become bored, trouble begins!  :)  Last summer, I vowed to make sure they had a memorable summer filled with activities, outings, and LOTS OF FUN!!! Today's list will highlight water activities. 1.  Water balloons 2.  Water balloon pinatas (fill water balloons with small prizes and water, hand from a string or high location, pop open with large stick) 3.  Sprinkler play, baby pools, visit a pool 4.  Ice Excavating (see picture below) 5.  Water colors (great for a rainy day) 6.  Fly swatter bubbles (fill a pan with bubble solution, dip fly swatter in solution, swing fly swatter around for lots of little bubbles) 7.  Homemade popsicles 8.  Wash the family cars 9.  Water writing (using squirt guns and your driveway, write letters, names, words, or pictures) 10.  Activities specific to our local area:  Texas State Aquarium, Beach Day, visit a sea turtle hatchling release

Sprinkler (which turned into just the hose)

At one point, all three kids squeezed into this baby pool!

Ice Excavating - army men for the boys

jewelry for the girls

Pool time!

The most important part about making a summer memorable, slow down and enjoy each moment!  And...make Pinterest your best friend!


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