Monday, March 25, 2013

Camping Trip

Yet another successful camping trip!!

Our oldest son is in his second year as a Cub Scout.  He loves every part of it, especially the camping.  This past weekend we camped at Goliad State Park.  It was a two night camp out and trip to Presidio LaBahia (which is a part of Texas history).  I thought the best way to share our weekend would be through pictures, enjoy!

We set up the tent in less than 30 minutes!!!  Actually, we set it up two times in less than 30 minutes after my husband decided he didn't like it's location.  I think we moved it a total of 6 inches...sigh. :)

Home Sweet Home 

Let me state for the record I did not pick out her outfit...she was very proud of her 4th of July shirt and Valentine leggings.

Our middle son trying his hardest to jump rope.  He was really putting a lot of effort into to it. :)

Ready for bed
Have you ever seen so much pink on a Cub Scout camp out?

My husband showing the kids how to light a fire with magnesium and a flint something or other.  Before we knew it he had a crowd of about 10 boys watching and cheering him on.  It was a very long and intense process.  He would get the smallest little flame going and then the kids would cheer and the flame would go out.  This happened over and over.  Like I said, INTENSE!


Presidio La Bahia

Live re-enactment of the battle at Presidio La Bahia

Anyone who has three kids understands that a great picture of all three (at the same time) is partly luck and the rest is nothing short of a miracle!  This was not our miracle... :)

Still not the miracle I was going for...

Come on kids, work with me! 

Our little Cub Scout is working on his photography belt loop, this was one of his pictures.  I think it is beautiful!

This little guy busted his lip wide open from falling on the metal part of our cots.  I believe he was told not to jump around in the tent.  This picture shows the band aid we placed between his nose and lip.  

My favorite part of the weekend was taking pictures of the kids and the spring wildflowers.  Texas has beautiful wildflowers.  It is actually a state law that you cannot pick bluebonnets because they are our state flower.

We did allow the kids to pick the yellow flowers.

Here we go again, luck and miracles...

The youngest left the picture and the middle is not cooperating.  I give up! :)

My blondie!

When you are a kiddo who is allergic to everything in the environment...this probably isn't your idea of fun.
(mid sneeze)

 love bluebonnets

love this picture

and this one too

Sigh.... I wish this view was in my backyard.

We had a wonderful weekend.  It was nice to get out of town and spend some quality time together.  

Did I mention in between the adorable pictures and wildflowers we had crazy weather?  We had rain, cold, crazy heat, and unbelievable wind.  TEXAS WEATHER... you just have to go with it.

Happy trails y'all,


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