Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thankful for a Quick Craft

One of the amazing things about homeschool is that you can change up the order of your day quickly.  I could tell this morning that we were all having "one of those days".  So I decided to change things up a bit.  Instead of going upstairs to our our classroom I decided to start the day off with a quick craft.  My mom loves to surprise us with little crafts and art supplies.  They really come in handy and I have gotten very use to having them on hand.  Both of us love to use Oriental Trading (  They have great sales and often offer free shipping. Today we used the St. Patrick's Day sticker scenes.  I LOVE sticker scenes.  All three of my kiddos enjoy them.  We have had sticker scenes for Thanksgiving, Christmas, fireman/firetrucks, etc.
taking his sticker scene very seriously

working very hard

 trying not to get frustrated with the stickers that kept ripping


 This is a new phase...wanting to smile when she see's the camera.  I am going to take advantage of it while it lasts! :)

must use every sticker

one of those wonderful moments when they decide to help each other

The finished products!  I am sure you can tell which shamrock belongs to which child. :)

Like I said before, I LOVE sticker scenes.  We have a very long car ride for vacation.  I think I will purchase some summer themed sticker scenes.  They would work great in the car with a clip board.


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