Monday, September 29, 2014

Case of Lazy

I wish I had something inspiring to tell you today... I wish I had a great DIY project to describe and show pictures... I wish I had a fantastic new recipe... I wish I had a brand new handbag to gush over.  I know, that sounds so random but seriously it has become my new obsession.   I can't seem to find a bag and a price that I feel match one another.  I have slaved myself on the Internet looking for both the perfect price and perfect bag - DOES NOT EXIST. Instead of inspiring, creative, or wise words all I have is LAZINESS.  Maybe it is the weather... It has rained more in the last month than all other months of the year combined.  Maybe it is the fact that we are going on week 6 of the pool construction and all the workers can do is pump out more water (please refer to the previous).  Maybe it is because I have been eating horribly and that always makes me want to take a nappy nap.  Maybe it is because our Keurig is finally working again, my mom bought me a box of Pumpkin Spice K-Cups, and QVC is showing all of the Christmas shopping shows.  Maybe it is because soccer practice was cancelled (rain) and we don't have any commitments for tonight.  Maybe it is because one of our children (whom shall remain nameless) is grounded for the next three days.  He or she is sequestered to his or her room unless school or meals are involved.  Since one child is out of the mix, the other two are best friends and are more than willing to share toys and electronics.  OR they are learning a thing or two from the unsaid child and deciding it would be best if they just got along.  The house is extra quiet and when that happens my butt lands on the couch, and my hands find my laptop (in comes coffee and QVC). At some point today, I really should move the laundry (at least it is folded) from the coffee table to the drawers where it lives.  What day did I fold that laundry, again??? Hmmmmm, cricket, cricket....  I can't remember, I will just move it tomorrow. You are probably wondering what the point is to this post. There is no point, that would require using some brain cells.  I used up today's allotted cells during home school. AND yes, I actually justified it to myself that writing a post about how lazy I am feeling would be productive.  :) ** Oh, I must confess something to you.  When my husband pulls into the driveway (approx. 7:30pm) I will close the laptop and hop up.  I will make a bee line for the kitchen and start piddling around.  You know, in complete June Cleaver fashion.  He knows I do this and really could care less if I am on the computer but never the less this is the production I put on every evening.  It makes me feel productive!!! :)

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