Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Putting in a Pool - Segment C

Well, I am glad this step is over!  It was loud, I mean three solid hours of loud, rattling, nerve wracking sounds.  The dogs were beyond nervous, protective, vocal, overall wrecks.  The kids were crazy, excited and hyped up on sugar because I made the not so smart move of serving donuts this morning.  I kept myself busy by pacing and trying not to allow my type A personality to come unglued. The pictures really don't do any of it justice since I can't access that part of the backyard.  We had the crew put up a temporary fence to keep the dogs and kiddos out of the construction area.  After two layers of construction mesh and lots of plywood, I am beginning to feel like we have the Great Wall of China in our backyard.  I have taken most of the pictures from inside the house.  I am not about to let my kids outside with heavy equipment and big trucks.  They would either get in the way or try to operate one (most likely the later). This is what we called the gunite truck.  The sand stuff on the top will be mixed with water and then get sprayed through a large hose onto the re-bar.  I am sure there are a ton of technical terms but you get the jist.

Thankfully, they did not show up until almost lunch time.  We were able to get most of our school work done prior to their arrival.  This is where my L-7, rule following, can't deviate from the plan personality really had a melt down.  I am sure a lot of homeschooling moms have found a way to relax the schedule but I just haven't had that break through yet.  It is a school day, therefore, we do our school work (such a party pooper).  

I knew this day was coming, the day of the spray and I knew it would be loud but...  After pacing and checking the clock five hundred times (to see how much school time was being wasted),  I decided the best idea would be to just let the rest of the school day go.  There, I did it!  As my husband would so lovingly say, "I was able to unpucker."  Isn't he romantic? :)  

When I announced this to the kids, my oldest ran back to his desk and said he still had work to do.  So... after I recovered from complete shock, I sat down with him and happily helped him finish his science and history.  Apparently, that apple didn't fall far from the tree (me being the tree). :)

At this point, I was praying none of my neighbors would need to access their driveways or homes and there wouldn't be any need for an ambulance or firetruck, for that matter.  The entire cul-de-sac was filled with trucks!

I ran upstairs for just a minute and when I came down, the kitchen windows were covered with plywood.  The house seemed so dark.  Did we have to board up the windows for a hurricane and some how I missed it?  Only people who live near the coast would immediately associate a dark window with hurricane boards, bottled water, and cans of SPAM.  If that sentence doesn't make any sense to you, please just carry on with the rest of the post.  Remember, my stressed out psyche has been through a lot today.  

At this point, my husband had come home from work for a quick look-see.  Thankfully, he remembered my coke.  I had called him and said, "For my mental sanity and the safety of our children, when you come by please, please, please bring me a coke."  One sip and life had new meaning.

These poor guys work in crazy heat and complete filth all day.  I just felt so bad for them.  They ate lunch in the tiniest piece of shade.  It took everything I had not to invite them in and serve them fresh warm cookies and milk.  

If you are judging me at the moment and please refer to my psychological state in previous paragraphs.  I think anyone who is trying to deal with the construction of a pool, two crazy dogs, and home school three children (for the last three weeks) deserves to sound a bit off (if you know what I mean).

So, here we are.  This is what it looked like at exactly 2:34 this afternoon.  From certain angles it looks really small which makes me panic and run back in the house only to burry my head in a pillow much like an ostrich.  The other angle I cannot get to because of the Great Wall of China.  I guess I could climb over the fence but I just know I would be the homeowner who would mess something up.  "Ummm, yes, I hate to call you, but I completely left footprints in the wet concrete, gunite, cement stuff.  I know you put up a fence but I just had to get a picture for my blog. "  Something tells me that conversation would not go over well.

 Thankfully, I think the next few days should be quiet.  I will give you another update as soon as something looks different. :)

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