Thursday, September 18, 2014

Help One Now - GS4O

Last week, I revealed our family's project; our Servant's Heart Project.  We are teaming up with Help One Now and their amazing program called GS4O (Garage Sale for Orphans).  Our family will be hosting a garage sale later this fall and 100% of the sales will go to GS4O.  This is such a great opportunity for our family and kids.  They have and will continue to be involved in all aspects of the sale.

Help One Now asked us to pick between three different projects (fundraisers) for the proceeds of our sale.  We sat the kids down and discussed each option.  ALL three kids agreed on the same project; that in itself is a minor miracle.  They never agree, in fact it often feels like they go out of their way to disagree.  :) Project Decision Complete:  Ferrier Village, Haiti - Phase 2 construction of pre-school I was blown away that this was their choice.  Their reason, they felt the money from the sale would help the most people possible because it was a pre-school.  It was definitely one of those proud parenting moments.  I will have to keep that one close by for those other, more normal days. :) Here is a little bit about the selected project. Ferrier Village is an anti-trafficking initiative of Help One Now.  The village is a refuge for children who have been rescued from traffickers, or hold a high risk for being trafficked.  In this village, the children are cared for  while restoring mental, physical, and spiritual health.  In 2013, 32 children were rescued by HON with the help of Haitian authorities.  Seven of those children were reunited with their families while 25 of the children now live safely in Ferrier Village. Phase 1 of the Ferrier Village has already been funded and completed.  Five homes were built within the village.  All five homes are now filled with children who were rescued and are now on their way to restoring their health.  Phase 2 is now underway, this is the phase our sale will help fund.  Every little bit helps, even a family garage sale.  This phase will provide a fully functioning pre-school for the children of the village and the area. Here is a picture that was posted as of yesterday.  The progress is already under way.  Just think of the children who will be able to learn in a safe and loving environment, the way all children should learn.  AMAZING!  This is such a blessing for this area.

In order for our family to have a successful sale, we need your stuff!  If you live in our area, please contact me through the RWWA Facebook Page.  Like I said, the sale will be later this fall, but we will gladly take your stuff now. :)

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